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Welcome to the Heart of the West District website. Our District stretches from the Mexican border north to the Canadian border. It includes 20 clubs in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Montana. Please take a look around to see how you can join with us in our service to our communities.


May 2018 – Linda Wheeler announces her candidacy for Governor-Elect.  Announcement Letter Download                  

Added HOTW Winter Newsletter to site.


April 2018 – Policies and Procedures updated.

March 2018- Ann McCarty candidate info and Civitan International 2018 forms and info added.

January 2018- Welcome letter and update of board members

Welcome to the New Year Heart of the West Civitans

To those who were not at District Convention we missed you. The year started out crazy this year and I appreciate the support of the board and the members of the HOTW District. That being said let’s move on to 2018 and how we can make a difference in our clubs, our community and our District. Many of us have jobs besides being a Civitan and it is the balance of these things that have always made our district stand out. Some clubs are Small and some are Large but they all have the love of friendship and caring for others. My goal this year is to grow our clubs, by finding out why some have left and how we can get them involved again. Each of our communities need people like us. Let us go out and let them know what we are about and bring people into our clubs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in projects and club events, ask other clubs to join in too.


As you have seen on Facebook which is our biggest connection Shayne does an excellent job. Due to my lateness of things to the website it is now being updated not the fault of our webmaster. Many may not realize my husband John (our Treasurer) had an out of country assignment for seven months this year and I got to go with him and as he transitions in to retirement at the end of January it has been a busy time for us personally and not without challenges. If you haven’t heard I broke my ankle the last week we were in New Zealand and decided to continue our trip, while I did go to the clinic there and saw the doctor when I got home to find out it was broken and needed surgery. I will not be walking on my own for about another 2 months and no driving so I too am depending on my fellow Civitans to help out in my duties as Governor. I would like to Thank each of you for your help and support.


If you checked the Facebook page, there is the Region 8 meeting in Las Vegas on February 9-11 – all are welcome. For those on the board who can’t attend please call in to our HOTW board meeting which is at 7 pm PST/8 pm MST on Friday the 9th.


On another note we are the Host District for the International Convention to be held in Reno July 22-25 this year, which will be immediately followed by our Heart of the West District Convention at the same location for one day on July 26th from 8 to 4.  Trainings will be offered at international so our meeting will begin in the morning and end in the afternoon. I would love to have people from each club there so this will be a successful Convention for both international and District. Virginia Campbell McAfee is the chair of the International Convention host committee and Ann McCarty is our District Convention Planner.


In advance I would like to Thank all for your help this year and know you will make this a great year. Let us all Kindle Our Fire for Civitan!


Deborah Maddox

Governor 2017- 2018


September 2017- Updates Policies and Procedures, awards for year updated, district newsletter and club newsletters

August 2017-Updates club newsletters

July 2017- Updated club newsletter

April -2017- Updates newsletter for Bannock club and Friends, and updated forms for Youth seminar. Photo page for Jr. Civitan convention.

March 21st World Down Syndrome Day



March- 2017- Updated all pages. Specifically clubs page, updates presidents, added Facebook and websites links. Please send newsletters to Jennifer Dillon if you want them added to the website.


March- 2017- Update to Heart of the West Convention registration forms and International Convention. Update to PS. Newsletter and calendar. International Magazine Spring 2017.

January 15, 2017 - Updated pictures to Lovely Ladies, Idaho Falls, Region 8 meeting, Roadrunner, Friends Club, and Hearts and Hands clubs. Updated Clubs Webpage- broken links. Please email Jennifer Dillon at pamperedjennifer@cox.net with current webpages. Also removed links to broken links of newsletter. Please email Jennifer with current newsletters.


12/13/2016 Season's Greetings to all of my Civitan family. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and to everyone else I hope you have a good time with family and friends. Being on Facebook I see what all of you are doing and it looks really interesting, although some of the activities look really COLD. Living here in southern Arizona we don't get snow very often and when we do, it is usually gone by lunchtime. We have local mountains and if we really want to play in snow we can go up there (about 9,000 ft) play in the snow and then come back down to 70 degrees or warmer. Yes, I know we are spoiled. I am looking forward to seeing lots of you in Las Vegas in January. Linda Colley tells me we have about 50-60 people signed up to be there. It should be a fun time. I know the Lovely Ladies club have something planned for us and knowing them (having met several of them) it should be an interesting program. I hope that each club is planning to increase their membership this year, even if it is only by 1 person. On a sad note we send our love and sympathy to the Bannock Club for the loss of Vern and the Phil Schlesinger Club for the loss of Charles. Both men will be missed. As you know this is our Centennial year and we really need to celebrate it. Let's go out and recruit and show our communities that Civitan is a great organization to belong to. Once again enjoy your holiday season. See you in Las Vegas or if not plan on coming to Birmingham in June!!!. Lyn Barefoot

October 2016-Updated club officers

9/2016 - Lovely Ladies 2016-2017 Board

9/25/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! Well, this is my last update for the website for this year. Thank you to Everyone for letting me work on this website for the last nine years. Starting next month Jennifer from Metro Civitan in Phoenix, AZ will be working on the website for the year.

(District News)
- (Pictures) - 9/2016 - (Idaho Falls), 9/2016 - (Junior), 9/2016 - (Lovely Ladies)
Take Care Everyone!! Hope to see you all during the year. Shayne

9/17/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope everyone is doing good. Here is another small update. I have one more week. If you have anything please send it my way or put it on facebook.

(District News)
- (Newsletter) - 9/2016 HOTW Newsletter, Thank you letter from Sharon Hessoun
- (Pictures) - 9/3/16 (Bannock)
Take Care Everyone!! Shayne

8/26/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! How is everyone doing? I hope all good. Here is another small update for you.

(District News)
- (Club Newsletters) - 8/2016 (London Bridge), 8/2016 (PS)
- (Pictures) - 8/2016 - District Meeting, 8/16/16 (Hearts and Hands), 8/14/16 (Idaho Falls), 8/14/16 (Bannock)
Keep sending Ann pictures or newsletters, or post anything on Facebook. There is one more month to go for the year. Let's make it a good one. Take Care!! Shayne

8/1/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope everyone is doing good. Here is a small update for you. See you all in Idaho.

(District News)
- (Club Newsletters) - 7/2016 (PS), Spring/Summer (Idaho Falls)
- (Pictures) - 6/23/16 (Junior), 7/9/16 (Friends), 7/27/16 (Idaho Falls), 7/27/16, 7/20/16, 7/23/16 (Bannock), 7/30/16 (Lovely Ladies), 7/11-16/16 - Civitan International Convention
Take Care Everyone!! Shayne

6/19/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! Both convention are coming up pretty soon. Are you all ready to have some fun? Here is alot great pictures from the the clubs and news about the clubs.

(District News)
- (Club Newsletters) - 6/2016 (PS), 6/2016 (London Bridge), 5/2016 (Friends)
- (District Events) - 6/21/16 - YP Civitan
- (Pictures) - 6/15/16 (Friends), 6/11/16 (Hearts and Hands/Idaho Falls), 6/15/16, 6/11/16, 6/6-9-16, 6/8/16, 6/4-5/16 (Bannock)
(District Resources)
- (Forms) - Fixed number on Registration form for the HOTW convention
Take Care!! Shayne

6/6/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope everyone is doing good. Do you believe it's summer time already. It's been very hot here in Tucson. In about a month away will be the International Covention in Norfolk, VA. I can't wait.

(District News)
- (Club Newsletters) - 5/2016 (Lovely Ladies), 4/2016 (Friends)
- (District Events) - Revive @ 5 pm (5-8 pm, 420 N Main St.) and Alive After 5 (5-7:30 pm, Civitan Plaza) All Dates
- (Pictures) - 5/14/16 (area meeting), 5/13/16, 6/2/16 (YP Club - Idaho Falls), 5/13/16, 5/9/16 (Junior), 5/18/16, 5/21/16 (Idaho Falls), 5/6/16 (Hearts & Hands), 5/25/16 article, 5/28-29/16, 5/23/16, 5/21/16 (Bannock), 5/20/16 (Friends), 6/4/16 (Lovely Ladies)

Enjoy your week. Take Care!! Shayne

5/6/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! How is everyone doing? I hope good. I have a big update for you.

(District News)
- (Club Newsletters) - 3/2016 (Friends), 5/2016 (London Bridge) 3/2016 (Twisted Stitchers)
- (Newsletter) - HOTW 3rd Quarter Newsletter
- (Pictures) - (Cresta Loma/Roadrunner) 4/24/16, - (Helena) 11/19/15, 4/26/16, - (Twisted Stitchers) 4/18/16, 5/2/16, - (Bannock) 4/16/16, - (Junior Civitan) 4/28-30/16, 5/5/16, - (Idaho Falls) 4/28/16, - (Friends) - 4/15/16
(District Resources)
- (Forms) - Thank you letter from Sharon Hesson, HOTW Conventation Forms, 2016 Camp Taylor Registration
That is it for now. Can't wait to see you all in July and August for both Conventations. Take Care!! Shayne

4/14/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope everyone is doing good. Here is a big update for you.

- (District Clubs) - changed London Bridge info
(District News)
- (Club Newsletters) - April 2016 (PS Club), Jan 2016, Feb 2016
- (District Events) - 8/12/16 (Board Meeting), 4/28-30/16 - Junior Civitan District Convention
- (Pictures) - (Hearts and Hands) 3/15/16, 4/2/16 - (Desert Sun) 3/18/16, article, 4/7/16, 3/26/16 - (Friends) 3/18/16, 4/7/16, 3/26/16 - (Idaho Falls) 4/7/16 - (Bannock) article - (Lovely Ladies) 4/2/16

Take Care Everyone!! Shayne

3/12/16 - Good Evening HOTW Civitans!! I hope all is well with everyone. Here is a small update for you.

(District News)
- (District Events) - 4/12/16 Board Meeting
- (Pictures) - 3/4/16, 2/26/16, 3/9/16, 3/5/16, 2/2016
Thanks!! Shayne

2/28/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!!

(District News)
- (Newsletter) - HOTW 2nd Quarter Newsletter
Thanks!! Shayne

2/15/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope all is well with you all. Here is a small update for you.

(District News)
- (Clubnews) - Twisted Stichers 1/2016
- (Pictures) - (Friends) - 1/15/16, 2/13/16 (Ann) - 1/17/15 (Junior) - 1/22-25/16 - Sno-do (Lyn) - 2/6-9/16 (Twisted Stichers) - 2/10/16 (Metro) - 2/7/16 (Lovely Ladies) - 2/6/16
(District Resources)
- (Policies and Procedures) Part 4, Part 9
Thanks for coming by. Shayne

1/24/16 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a good time at the Reg 8 meeting in Las Vegas. Great Job Sharon!!

(District News)
- (Budget) - FY 2015-2016
- (Minutes) - Nov 17, 2015
- (Clubnews) - PS 1/2016, London Bridge 1/2016, Lovely Ladies 2015-2016, Twisted Stichers 12/2015
- (Pictures) - Reg. 8 Meeting in Las Vegas

(District Resources)
- (Forms) - Raffle Quilt for PS Club
Take Care!! Shayne

12/31/15 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Here is some great stuff to look at.

(District News)
- (District Events) - 1/8/16 - board meeting in Las Vegas at Reginal 8 meeting
- (Pictures) - (Lovely Ladies) - 12/19/15 (Desert Sun) - 12/2015 (Bannock) - 12/4/15, 12/6/15, 12/6/15 (2), 12/10/15, 12/12/15 (Twisted Stitchers) - 12/4/15, 12/5/15 (Friends) - 12/5/15, 12/18/15 (Idaho Falls) - 12/5/15 (PS) - 12/2015
- (Clubnews) - Friends 11/2015, London Bridge 12/2015, PS 12/2015, Twisted Stichers - 11/2015
Happy New Year!! See you all soon. Shayne

12/3/15 - Happy Holidays HOTW Civitans!! I hope everyone is doing good. I will be putting up a very big update. I hope all of you enjoy looking around.

Here is a letter from our HOTW Governor Ann

(HOTW) - (District Contacts) - info

(District News)
- (Budget) - info from 1st meeting
- (Clubnews) - Idaho Falls Nov/Dec 2015, Friends - 8/2015, 4/2015 (2), 1/2015, 2/2015, 12/2014, 11/2014, 9/2015 (2), London Bridge - 11/2015, 9/2015, Desert Sun - 9/5/15, Lovely Ladies - Oct/Nov 2015
- (District Events) - 8/12-14 - District Convention, Pocatello, ID
- (Pictures) - (Twisted Stitchers) - 11/13/15, 11/11/15 (Bannock) - 11/18/15, 2014 Camp Taylor Maintence, 2013 Civitan Youth Seminar, 2014 Civitan Youth Seminar, 2014 Relay For Life (Lovely Ladies) - 2015 Lovely Ladies, 11/21/15 (Junior) - 10/24/15, 11/2015 (Metro) - 10/2015, 11/2015 (Phoenix Birds) - 10/31/15 (Desert Sun) - 10/10/15 (added new pictures, thanks Deborah), 11/11/15 (Pics) - Civitan International Research Center (Thanks Sharon H.) (Area Meetings) - 11/6/15, 5/10/14 (District Meetings) - 7/18-20/2014 (Helena) - 2015 (Sun Cities) - 11/2015 (Idaho Falls) - 11/28/15 (Friends) - 11/27/15, 11/2015, 11/20/15

(District Resources) - (Forms) - info about Norfolk, Civitan International HQ Restoration Fund

Thanks for stopping by. Shayne

11/20/15 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I have been hearing that people haven't been able to get the link open for the Las Vegas Region 8 meeting. I have put up a new link in the forms.
(District Resources) - Forms
Thanks, Shayne

11/16/15 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I am finally updating the site. I didn't have a computer for two weeks and then I had to buy a new one. Look around. I have some great things that I am putting up.
- (District News) - (Newsletter) HOTW 1st Quarter Newsletter, (District Events) four new things on calendar, (Pics) 4/6-8/08 (fixed), 5/4/08 (fixed), 08-09 Governors Update Meeting (fixed), 4/18/09 (fixed), 7/28-29/12 (fixed), 10/14/15 - Tim Harris, 10/14/15 - Dorothy and Rocky, 10/10/15 - Ann in Phoenix, AZ, 10/10/15 - Desert Sun Civitan Club in Yuma, AZ, 9/28/15 - PS/Roadrunner Installation Dinner, 8/2015 - Phoenix District Meeting, 8/2013 - Vegas District Meeting, 9/28/15 - Bannock Installation Dinner, 10/16/15 - Friends/Bannock Halloween Party, 10/2015 - Lovely Ladies, 10/19/15 - Twisted Stitches, 10/19/15 - Idaho Junior Civitan, 10/4/15 - Lovely Ladies
Take Care Everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Shayne

10/14/15 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope everything is good. Here is a brand new year to start with a new layout.
(HOTW) - District Roster, Past Governors, District Club Presidents
(District Resources) - Policies & Procedures 3, 6, 7, 9, 13
That is it for now. More pictures will be coming soon. Take Care Everyone!! Shayne

10/5/15 - Hello HOTW Civitans!! I hope everyone is good. This is the last update for last year and the new one will be up soon. Please look around and check everything out.
- (HOTW) - new club Desert Sun Civitan Club, Yuma, AZ, Welcome to Civitan
- (District News) - (club newletter) Idaho Falls, Desert Sun, Twisted Stitchers (district events) 11/6/15 - area 1 meeting, 1/8-9/16 - regional 8 meeting, (HOTW newsletter) Sept 2015, (pictures) St. Louis thanks Sharon, put couple of pictures for Claudia's year,
- (District Resources) - (forms) 2013-2014 Award winners, 1/8-9/16 Region 8 Meeting in Las Vegas Info
That is all for last year. Claudie, you did a awesome job. Take Care Everyone!! Shayne



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